The White House Farm murders

Swindle's Search For the Truth - trailer

April 20, 2022 Kaiesha Page
The White House Farm murders
Swindle's Search For the Truth - trailer
Show Notes

**Excited to share this project with you**

Swindle’s Search for The Truth is a brand-new podcast, brought to you by veteran former Detective David Swindle and writer Kay Page. Having spent over 34 years leading complex and high-profile investigations, Crime Expert, Case Reviewer and Media Voice David for the last decade has been using his detective and network skills and his multilingual Victims Abroad expert team to help families searching for the truth about what happened to their loved ones in the UK and other countries like Spain, India, Mexico and Goa.

The podcast episodes will feature high profile crime experts, a renowned forensic expert, a true crime historian, true crime contributors and powerful interviews with victims' families to examine unsolved cases.The podcast trailer has quotes from some of these victims’ families and friends fighting for justice, truth and answers.

Join us in helping families get answers, progress and transparency in this informative, interactive True Crime podcast which will involve the public in “Swindle’s Search for The Truth” investigations, case reviews, appeals for information and pushing for change in government support for families on victims killed abroad.Victims and families deserve the best support available however sadly that does not always happen.

Please listen, get involved, help support families, help solve crimes and subscribe

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